The Client agrees to, unless previously agreed otherwise -

Studio Time: The studio is now operating as a private project facility. We reserve the right to only work with projects that are in our "genre specific abilities" and fall in line with our new business model. All studio time is by appointment only and booked in a minimum of a 3hr session, unless agreed to otherwise. 3hrs = 1/3 day available on week nights and weekends. 9 hrs = full day available on weekends only. The session begins at the time scheduled, if for some reason you are not on time you will be still billed from the time scheduled. Please note that all studio time is chargeable, and this includes the client Setting up. To get the best possible recording it takes time to select and setup the appropriate mics. Depending on the level of quality you desire, Demo or Commercial, this is one of the most criticle operations in the studio. The same goes for Mixing and Mastering.

Payment: Payment for Tracking and Mixing minus Scheduling fee is due at the beginning of each Session or end of day Session if you go into overtime. Payment for Mastering "Only" projects is payable up front prior to Mastering. Mastering is a one time final process to prepare a CD to be sent to a replicating/duplicating facility. No change request are accepted after the "Master Disk" or "DDP Files" have been compiled and sent in for replication/duplication. Any changes after the fact will result in new charges. Studio time which exceeds the allotted pkg time will be charged at the hourly rate and due at the end of the Session. A package deal requires that a project reaches completion. Any pkg that fails this due to the Client's non scheduling in a timely manner of further sessions or decision not to complete will be considered incomplete. Audio back-up files will be given to the client and project will be deleted. The created Session/DAW files have proprietary data belonging to the studio and shall remain property of the studio, unless the session/daw files were presented to the studio by the client for an ongoing project from outside of the studio. Client may purchase a copy of the studios's Session/DAW files for use elsewhere by paying a Master Use Fee, which shall be determined at the time of purchase. No refunds for any work done and paid for. Any work that is not paid for will become the property of IHPM Studios and held for 90 days waiting payment before being discarded. When Paying for Block Hours you are buying the time for the entire Block in advance, if you bought a block of 3hrs and only used 2 you still pay for 3hrs. This is why buying Blocked time is less expensive than paying by the hour.

Payments for Blocked Rates: are infull up front. (unless other payment agreements have been made.) Any time over a specified blocked rate project is due at the end of each session.

Payments for Package Deals: are half down and balance due 90 days after the start of project unless the project is completed then balance due. Package deal projects must be complete within 90 days, any project that exceeds 90 days will result in a new charge of $45 per hour until the specified projected hours are completed. Any time over a specified package deal project is due at the end of each session and will be charged at $55 per hour. Any customer that pays for a package deal full up front will receive an additional 10% off.

Scheduling: Studio time is upon availability. A Scheduling fee of $50 per session is required at the time of booking each session and is non-refundable. (This fee is part of the production fee not additional. i.e. you schedule 1 session at $100, Pay scheduling fee upfront of $50, then $50 will be due at the end of the session on session day. If you are a no show or don't reschedule within 24hrs before the scheduled day, or reschedule and not make the rescheduled date you will forfeit the scheduling fee of $50.)

Licensing: Is the responsibility of the client. Clients seeking replication/duplication will be requiered to sign a waiver to the fact that He/She is copyright owner or licensed to use all project material. CD Houses do require proof of ownership or license. All cover music requires a permission and Mechanical License from the publisher/copyowner, likewise any prerecorded samples or backing tracks will require a Master Use license as well.

All rates, terms and services are subject to change without notice.
Please contact us for current rates and terms.