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IHPMStudios has had the pleasure to do business with:

Capecod Smitty -, Mark Magnacca & Insight Development Group -, Evie Haskell -, Evangelical Free Church, Childrens Wish Foundation, "Marie" on the Hallmark Channel (Marie Osmond), LAWINCONTEXT , Sarah Greene - Sarah Greene at CDBaby, Skywatch - Skywatch at CDBaby, Krista Lucich -, Casey McQuillen -, Cassandra's Wish made possible by the Childrens Wish Foundation - , Rob Cummings -, Greg Bar -, Angela Dittmar -, Jo&Co -, The Coming Storm -, Kat Newland -, Heart Song -, Trinity Pines Band -,
Louis Tata Music -,

Cape Violin Cello Duo Available at iTunes